Cushing’s Connection Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

The Cushing's Connection Symptom Tracker can help you monitor your health over a long period of time. It can be used to help you record and document recurring symptoms. By tracking your face shape, weight, blood pressure, and other symptoms on an ongoing basis, the data collected can be shared with your healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional can get a clear overview of what's going on with your health and use that information to make informed decisions.

The information recorded in your Symptom Tracker may help you and your healthcare professional determine if:
  • symptoms are improving or getting worse
  • pretreatment symptoms are coming back
  • there are changes to the shape of your face
  • abnormal mood swings are occurring

The Cushing's Connection Symptom Tracker is a smart way to work with your healthcare professional and to monitor your health.

  • Track signs and symptoms: face shape, depression, weight, and blood glucose
  • Track medical history: medication and dosing, visits with your healthcare professional, test results, diagnoses, and surgeries
  • Print reports or email them directly to your healthcare professional so he or she can use the information to better customize a treatment plan
Cushing’s Connection Symptom Tracker